Who we are

Altitude Exhibits is an Award Winning full service exhibit house with the expertise to design and build a full range of exhibits and structures from portable, modular, to fully custom or anything in between. Our executives have over 30 years of experience in the exhibit industry so you can be confident in the fact that we have what it takes to make your shows a huge success. In addition to our exhibits that we build or rent, here is a list of services we provide to our customers as well.

  • Storage and management of existing properties
  • Warehousing Exhibits in our 18,000 square foot secure facilities
  • Asset Management with online software
  • Supervision at Shows
  • Installation and Dismantle Services Nationally
  • Round trip shipping nationally and internationally

How we do business

The customer is not always right…phew that’s nice to get off our chest. We value our customers more than anything, but sometimes they need an outside perspective and our expertise to make sure they are getting what they pay for.

If our customers don’t have at least a 500% ROI or Increase in booth traffic then we have failed, it’s that simple. We’re not here to just design and build exhibits, that’s the easy part, there are hundreds of companies that can do this and if that’s all you’re looking for we’ll go ahead and give you their numbers.

We take a lot of pride in the fact that we spend endless hours researching current market trends, their competitors, new technologies, traveling to shows where we don’t have a client, etc. to ensure that what we do design and build is of the highest quality and will literally be a show stopper.​

Our customers success is our number one priority, NO MATTER WHAT.


We’ve been in this industry for many years and have run into many people who think they know everything there is to know about trade shows and exhibits. Sure, they can tell you what drayage is, and they may have some experience with shows and exhibits, but if the unforeseen or unexpected happens, will your exhibit house “have your back” and stick by you to work through the obstacles and unknowns? Here at Altitude Exhibits we design and build amazing exhibits and commit to helping you with all of the nuances that will make your show a success, but our greatest strength is our unyielding commitment to stick by your side through any challenges that may arise. We promise to do everything we can to ensure your trade show success.