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Echostar CES Exhibit Rental


We were approached by Echostar to bid on their CES Exhibit Rental for one of their brands, Sage by Huges. A home is considered to be one of the safest spaces; and as it should be. Sage by Hughes offers a new and innovative system for today’s contemporary home. Sage approaches security in a simple and modern matter which was the pillar for this particular design. The overall intent of the exhibit is to feature a Home-like space to welcome each exhibitor. Security begins right at your front door, Sage is featured immediately as exhibitors enter the booth – much like a warm friendly welcome from a neighbor. The convenience of purchasing the system or other technologies is made simple by incorporating custom Kiosks right next to the products. Branding and messaging is made clear in every direction whether it’s a 70” TV with information or large banners and signs that educate new exhibitors. A presentation area is added in the heart of the exhibit which distributes a large open space for a large group of viewers. CES – one of the largest trade shows in the US hosts many unique and stylish exhibits. In order to stand out from the crowd, LED strips are added to the design to feature products, branding and overall booth aesthetic, this creates a unique and interesting environment that will spark exhibitor’s interest. Way-finding and traffic is controlled by the unique design of this booth, allowing each exhibitor a seamless and warm experience.




20 x 30

Booth Type

Custom Rental