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This Booth Design features an eye catching and unique exhibit design that is tailored around Solco and their company philosophy while integrating critical design thinking and research and development to introduce their booth to the next level of innovative design.

The overall design was built from the conceptual idea of a Spacecraft launching into the air. Strong architectural curves that are accented with lighting to create a stunning Focal point that can be seen throughout the show floor at a long distance. Solco, innovators of generic pharmaceuticals launches their products at an affordable cost, while this design excels beyond other exhibitors at an affordable price.

One of the many features of the booth is its bold presence on the show floor. This design was built off of tall circular Structures that emulates a feeling of a large booth; it takes advantage of height and the overall booth space while still maintaining an open floor plan. The open plan allows visitor to enter easily at any side.

A variety of meeting options are available throughout the booth. Large white couches greet visitors for comfortable and informal meetings. The booth is also equipped with two meeting spaces in the back. A 6 person private meeting room and a 4 person semi-private meeting room are available for visitors.

The booth truly emulates new and innovative design to capture the audience’s attention and to be the talk of the show.




20 x 30

Booth Type