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Custom Rental

Time Warner Cable

Rentals that don’t look like rentals is something we try to provide for all of our clients. Case in point with this Time Warner Cable Custom Rental. When designing this exhibit we wanted to make people feel like they were walking into a home. With so many design elements that needed to go into this particular design like comfortable couches, a fake fireplace, back lit graphic, and warm comfortable lighting, we knew the only way to go was a custom build. However, the client specifically stated they needed a rental and didn’t have the budget to outright buy it since they were only going to use it for one show. We took a bit of a gamble, knowing we could rent it again or use components of it for another rental in the future so we built it from scratch and gave it to them at a rental price. Everything was within their budgets, the client was super happy with the final outcome, and the feedback from the attendees about how amazing the exhibit was more then enough for the client to commit to more shows in 2016 and use the exhibit over and over again and we made it reconfigurable for their different booth spaces they ended up getting.