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Large Video Wall at the ISC West Show


VCA came to us three weeks before the ISC West Show opened and asked us for some help designing their 20′ x 30′ exhibit. They weren’t getting the design they wanted from their previous exhibit house and wanted to see what we could do for them. Working with VCA in the past for a smaller rental, they knew we provided top notch services. Even though VCA had worked with the same company for their bigger exhibits for quite some time, they felt they need a fresh approach. Unlike previous years where their hardware was the main emphasis, VCA decided they wanted to shake things up and focus on the end result. The analytics was going to be the key to their success but they needed the video to be big and bold. Our design utilized a 240″ x 80″ large video wall to be hung above the exhibit. We did 12 different slides that varied from 18 different video feeds for 2 minutes, to a large VCA logo in transition to the next set of video feeds.

The reaction from the crowds gathering at at the front of the exhibit said it all. People literally would just stand back and watch as the video looped all the way through the presentation. You would walk 10 isles away and still see their presence because the wall was so huge.


20 x 40


Security & Technology


ISC West